Timothy J. Thompson

Mr. Thompson and his family members are the lead investors in Cross Creek and its affiliated funds. Mr. Thompson is a member of the Board of Directors of The Cross Group, an offshore oilfield services provider. He has been associated with the company since its inception in 1997, serving in various capacities, including as Senior Vice President of Business Development.(...)

Brian Oliver

Brian Oliver is an Academy Award-nominated producer and 20-year veteran film executive who brings his production and financing expertise to Cross Creek Pictures. Mr. Oliver started his career at Paramount Pictures, a stint in the Motion Picture department at the William Morris Agency (WMA). He left WMA to become VP of Production at Propaganda Films, where he produced Paul Schrader’s Auto Focus.(...)

Tyler Thompson

A native of Louisiana, Mr. Thompson entered Hollywood in 2008, putting together financing on Burning Palms, starring Zoe Saldana and Dylan McDermott. Concurrently, Mr. Thompson, his father Timmy Thompson, and Brian Oliver formed Cross Creek Pictures, and Mr. Thompson has been instrumental in raising the funds that the company has managed.(...)

Pajton Dauer

Mr. Dauer’s primary responsibilities at Cross Creek include exploring, evaluating, and executing strategic business and financial opportunities for CCP as well as structuring and negotiating motion picture finance agreements and capital structures.Prior to joining CCP, Mr. Dauer worked at the private equity firm Forstmann Little & Co., where he served as Director of Corporate Development for media and entertainment portfolio company IMG Worldwide, Inc.(...)

Brian Robichaux

Mr. Robichaux is responsible for oversight of the corporate policies and procedures of Cross Creek Pictures. Mr. Robichaux has been instrumental in the startup, development, and management of multiple businesses in retail, finance, and service-related companies. He served as the General Manager of Retail Operations for Hill City Oil, Inc.; Vice President of Continental Financial Group, where he managed day-to-day operations and was responsible for oversight of policies and procedures according to RESPA rules and regulations;(...)

Todd Thompson

Mr. Thompson was instrumental in the startup of Cross Creek Pictures where he served as Executive Producer on the Academy Award-nominated feature THE IDES OF MARCH and as a Co-Producer on THE WOMAN IN BLACK. As Sr. VP of Business Development, Mr. Thompson was integral in the formation of Cross Creek Partners I and II funds and is responsible for sourcing new opportunities in entertainment.

Jason Seagraves

Mr. Seagraves supports Brian Oliver and Tyler Thompson in overseeing CCP’s creative development and production slate. He is responsible for bringing in new material, packaging new and existing projects, and managing productions on both film and TV properties. Prior to joining CCP, Mr. Seagraves worked for the Academy Award-winning producer Scott Rudin on nine feature films including There Will be Blood, No Country for Old Men, and Captain Phillips.(...)

John Doherty

Mr. Doherty brings development, production, and financing expertise to Cross Creek Pictures with the goal of producing thought-provoking and commercially viable films in a filmmaker-friendly environment. Prior to joining CCP in 2010, Mr. Doherty started his career working under producer JC Spink at Benderspink (The Hangover, Butterfly Effect, American Pie) before moving to the Motion Picture Talent Department at the William Morris Endeavor Agency.(...)

Rita Powers

Ms. Powers’ responsibilities include overseeing new and existing projects in development, creative design and production, and administrative support. Ms. Powers holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Producing and Marketing (Minor) from Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts.

Bridgette Butcher

Ms. Butcher serves as the Executive Assistant to the CEO as well as an accountant for Cross Creek Pictures. Her responsibilities include administrative support, recordkeeping, and account management for CCP and its affiliated entities. Prior to taking on her role at Cross Creek Pictures, Ms. Butcher served as an accountant for The Investment Group, Inc., a privately owned investment company with ownership interests in operating companies, real estate, and other capital ventures.

Channing Zierolf

Mr. Zierolf graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2012 with a concentration in Political Science and Spanish. He joined CCP in 2015 after serving in sales and marketing managerial roles.


Timothy J. Thompson

Brian Oliver

Tyler Thompson

John Cary

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